Would you like to know how to run your own business?

Are you looking for financial freedom and fulfilling work? Do you need the flexibility to do things your own way?

Momentum's programs for entrepreneurs with disabilities can help make it happen.

You bring creativity and ambition. Momentum provides the training, financing and support. Together we'll make a winning team!

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What Our Graduates Say

Momentum has years of experience guiding people with disabilities to become successful entrepreneurs.

We work with more than 4,700 people annually. Since 1991, Momentum has provided more than 2,150 loans totalling over $3.7 million. Last year, 58 new businesses were launched by participants in our business development programs.

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It was so affirming for me, to know that I can do this. And I can do a great job. And I can be paid well for what I do.

Mark Flores
Momentum Graduate
Handi Enterprises Inc.

I've just really discovered that Momentum is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

Loretta M. Zwaan
Momentum Graduate
Your Other Desk

If I wasn't self-employed, running my own business, I wouldn't have the financial flexibility I have today.

Cory Johnson
Momentum Graduate
Professional Speaker

Three Momentum Successes Share Their Stories

Meet Mark, Cory and Loretta. These three successful entrepreneurs, and graduates of Momentum's business development programs, share how they found Momentum, what they learned in the classroom, their advice for others considering self-employment, and how their businesses are doing today.

Am I Eligible?

Momentum's programs for entrepreneurs with disabilities could be a good fit for you if you...

  • Live in Calgary
  • Identify yourself as having a permanent disability or chronic condition
  • Find it hard to get or keep a meaningful job because of that disability or condition
  • Have a realistic business idea that you are passionate about
  • Are ready, willing and motivated to run a business
  • Currently live on low income
  • Are creative, resourceful and ready for change

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What if I don't have a disability?

Even if you do not have a disability, Momentum can help. If you currently live in Calgary on a low income and want to...

  • Start or expand your business
  • Apply for a business loan
  • Learn a trade
  • Apply for a loan to cover the costs of receiving Canadian accreditation for foreign credentials
  • Learn how to get out of debt and manage your money
  • Save for a home or your children's education

...there is a Momentum program that can help.

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For more information about all of Momentum's programs and services, call 403-272-9323 or send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if running a business is right for me?

The truth is that you might not know. You might just be wondering. And that's where Momentum shines.

The folks who work at Momentum have many years' experience helping people start their own businesses. They will ask all the right questions to help you figure out if being an entrepreneur is the right way to go. And if it's not, they will be able to find the program that's right for you.

What if I don't know anything about running a business?

You will learn all you need to know to start up and operate a business when you take Momentum's training.

Many of Momentum's participants now run successful businesses — and most of them started with little more than an idea and lots of ambition.

What will I learn?

The programs for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities will teach you to...

  • Know what it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Judge if a business idea is a good one
  • Write a business plan
  • Develop sales skills and a marketing strategy
  • Do basic bookkeeping
  • Understand business finances, insurance and taxation
  • Understand licensing, permits and registration
  • Develop a network of people with whom to share support and ideas
  • Succeed in starting, managing and operating your business

And you will learn all these skills in a way and at a pace that works for you.

What if I don't have the money to start a business?

Momentum has micro-loans available for businesses, including a unique loan program for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

How does the loan program work?

The FundAbility loans are designed for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

  • One size does not fit all. Momentum tailors the loans to fit each individual's needs.
  • Momentum uses a character-based lending model. It considers your integrity and your business idea.
  • You can apply for a loan once you have completed Momentum's business training.
  • You do not need collateral, good credit or previous business success.
  • You could qualify for up to $10,000 for a first time loan.
  • You can qualify for a second loan.
  • All loans have a low interest rate and flexible repayment plans.

What if I'm interested but I just don't think I can do it?

Being an entrepreneur is not the right choice for everyone. But if you and Momentum decide that it is the right choice for you, the odds are that you will be successful.

The whole structure of the program exists to help you.

  • You will have access to superb training.
  • You will be able to apply for a loan from people who see your abilities and believe in you.
  • You will surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, and they'll have the skill and experience to make it happen.
  • Best of all, Momentum's support will be with you before, during and for years after you get your business going.

How do you define disability?

To qualify for these programs you must identify yourself as having a permanent disability or chronic condition that has made it hard to get or keep work. Other people may or may not notice it. It could be physical, mental, sensory or medical.

The bottom line is that in applying for this program, your disability is only one consideration. Momentum looks even more closely at your abilities, your ideas and your ambition.

How does the training process work?

Introduction: The first step is to take the free, three-hour workshop called Exploring Entrepreneurship. You will learn what it means to be an entrepreneur, explore business ideas, and find out about all of Momentum's business development programs so that you know which one is the right fit for you.

Application: Once you have taken the Exploring Entrepreneurship workshop, you can apply to the business development program of your choice.

Business Plan: If you are accepted into the program, you will work with the instructor and your classmates to complete a business plan. The plan will outline clearly what steps you are going to take to start your business and make it successful.

Financing: If you need a FundAbility Loan to finance the start-up of your business, you can use your business plan to apply for it.

Business Launch: As you move through the program, you will decide if your business idea is feasible. If you decide to move forward, Momentum will help you launch your business. You will have access to coaches and mentors before and after your business has launched.

What are Momentum's business development programs?

Exploring Entrepreneurship is a free, mandatory, three-hour workshop for all interested applicants. After learning what it means to be an entrepreneur and finding out about Momentum's programs, you can apply for the program of your choice.

Business Basics is an introductory training program that addresses the foundations of running a business. You will learn how suited you are to being an entrepreneur, how feasible your business idea is, and how to plan, market and deliver your business services.

ABCs of Small Business will cover all business development topics. You will build the skills and knowledge to start and operate a successful small business.

FundAbility loans are loans to entrepreneurs who identify themselves as having a permanent disability or a chronic condition.

Peer Support Coaching supports participants with mental health concerns. Your coach will be a peer, someone who has learned to deal effectively with their own mental health concerns while running a successful business.

How do I apply?

You can get started today with our online application form or by contacting Momentum today.

Call 403-204-2671, send us an email, or just drop by. We'd be very happy to talk to you about the program and how it might work for you.

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